Dedication to the job


Let me tell you, there’s not much I wouldn’t do for my job. I have run to fire calls with no makeup on. I have sat through basketball games with a splitting migraine. I have run around all day with no lunch or bathroom breaks. Trust me, when you see me running around out of breath, there’s likely a good reason.

But, I think Thursday took the cake for showing my dedication to my profession.

When I was asked to come take pictures at the COVID-19 vaccine clinic at Crete Area Medical Center I was all over that opportunity. I immediately put it down in my calendar without second thought.

That second thought should have come sooner than my drive to the hospital, though.

I am terrible with needles so taking those photos was a test of not only my photography skills but my ability to take myself out of a situation before I hit the floor.

The last time I had to have blood drawn I warned the lab tech about how badly I do with needles. He tried reassuring me I would be okay as I was already laying down, with cold sweats and trying my hardest to keep calm before he even had the needle out.

When I got my wisdom teeth out and they were putting the IV in my arm, I wasn’t even looking as they told me to squeeze the ball, which I swore I was. I was not. I was just trying to focus on not passing out.

Even getting my flu shot, I have to be prepared to have someone else drive me home because I am always prepared for how light-headed I feel.

So, being in the room watching around two people at a time get their COVID vaccines for an hour was amazing to watch, but was it tough to stand, in the most literal sense.

“You are working. You told them you could do this. You can do this. This is about others getting the COVID vaccine. Do not make the nurses giving the vaccine take care of you after you hit the floor,” I told myself in my head every time someone was given the shot.

Turns out my tough-love self-talk worked. That, and stepping out of the room for a 15-second break.

After getting the photos I left the hospital, sat in my car and just had to laugh at myself. I was so excited to be a part of the coverage of the vaccine that I forgot all about how the vaccine even works – through a needle.

Thank you to everyone who let me take your photograph at the clinic. It really was amazing to see so many Crete community members getting vaccinated.


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