And they were roommates


As my lease nears its ending or renewal date, the question of what am I going to do after its up surely went through my head. Not that I am planning to leave Crete, or even my house for that matter. But what am I going to do now that my roommate has an option to leave me?

This year, as I have the past four years, I had a roommate. Each year I have had a different roommate in the various dorms and houses I lived in. I became accustomed to having someone to hang out with when I get home and force me to not be a home-body. More importantly, my dog has become accustomed to having someone to always hang out with even if I am not home and sneak treats to her because I am not home.

Having a roommate is not always easy and there are things each of my roommates and I have differed on. Who buys what. Who does what. Whose stuff belongs where. Who can come to the house and when. How many chicken nuggets my dog is allowed to have.

But my roommate this year has made the transition from college life to “adult” life so much better.

Honestly, we took a gamble on each other because we only really knew each other from working on the Doane student newspaper together. We moved in together at the beginning of the pandemic and spent the summer hanging out, working on the house and realizing how many similarities we had.

My roommate kept me in the know of a lot, being that she was still a college student at my alma mater that has been going through changes this year. She pulled me out of my room and away from my work to play games and enjoy weekends. She watched my dog for me when I was gone. She introduced me to people who ended up becoming my really good friends too. She sat on my floor and told me stories of her day. She let me raid her closet when mine just didn’t do the job. She watched all three High School Musical movies with me while writing one of her finals because it was my birthday.

I know at some point I have to fully “adult” and live on my own, but it makes it difficult being blessed with roommates as great as mine.


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